2017: A year in review

2017 has been a big world for the nation. Initially I would say that in terms of the years in my short life, this one has seemed pretty uneventful. However, when I look back on it properly, I see that it has actually been great for so many reasons. I suppose the events that have happened this year do make you stop and think about what actually matters in life. Yes, working hard to achieve your purpose is great, but in reality, what is that all for? For me, it is all about the time  I spend with my family and friends. This year has definitely been one for balancing both work and family time. This is something that I want to maintain in 2018. Plus, I managed to see some beautiful places in the country and abroad. Travel is brilliant, I am always looking to do more and more of it each year!













2018 is set to be a big year. I will hopefully graduate in the summer and gain a graduate job. I will be leaving my student house and probably returning home, although it may be a different home. It is set to be an exciting year, which I am fully ready to embrace, but also one of big change.

I just want to always keep the balance between working hard and keeping some down time for family and friends, as it is so easy to forget when you get caught up in living. If you didn't have a good 2017, or even if you did, make 2018 even better. Learn from your 2017 for a better 2018.

Katie .xxx



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