24 hours in Bath


Every year I have the resolution to travel more, whether this be abroad or in the UK, but somehow every year life gets in the way or an unexpected cost pops up and I spend another year travelling to a few places, but not enough! I want to make sure I see the world and with my year in work (and therefore my increased income and free weekends) I am really working to make sure I do this year!


This was all kicked off last weekend with a flying trip to Bath, though I have been here before it was many years ago and I wanted to make the most of the opportunity I had to visit there again now I am so much older.


We managed to explore a lot of the City centre in the time we were there but I really would love to go back and discover more hidden areas in the future (especially at Christmas for the Christmas markets, everywhere is better at Christmas)!


If anyone is in Bath or the surrounding area I would definitely recommend a trip to the Stable for dinner. There ethos is pizza, pie and cider and I have never seen some of the combinations they served on a pizza menu before!


I enjoyed a delicious lamb roast pizza, which included lamb, sweet potato, roasted onions, cheddar and mozzarella. Like I say, I have never had a pizza like this before but it was so delicious and all washed down with one of their recommended berry ciders, from the many that they have on tap.


Craig also enjoyed a chicken, leek and ham pie, with the most yummy herb potato wedges I have ever enjoyed (and I have had a lot of wedges)!


We also stayed in the stunning Bailbrook House. Such a beautiful building and lovely hotel. We enjoyed some delightful cocktails in the bar before we left for our meal in the evening as well as a great breakfast in the morning before we left. Just a shame that whilst we were there it was so foggy as I would have loved to take some clearer photos!


I really just enjoyed getting away from home, exploring a new city and enjoying some peace and quiet for a short amount of time and have already started planning my next trip away, no matter how short it may be…


Katie .xx

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