6 steps to prepare for university

As I am coming in to my final year at University, it seems crazy to think back to the first year, how nervous I was mixed with a little excitement. It is safe to say that there was little to be nervous about, I moved into halls and instantly made some great friends who I still live with this year and who will be friends for life. It doesn’t mean there wasn’t (and still isn’t) points when I really just want to be at home, because let’s be honest those home comforts are what it is all about.

That’s why I thought I would share the few little bits that I did to make it a little easier to move away from home and feel a little less homesick.


Each room I have lived in during my time at University, I have covered in photos. Whether this is photos for your family, your friends, your favourite memories, your pets. Being surrounded by photos of your favourite things really makes it feel like home, rather than a room you are just staying in for a while and that is really the aim here. There are so many ways you can do this, but living in halls, it is likely you will have notice boards in your room anyway.


2.Make your room feel like yours. 

With this in mind, it is important you take things that make the room feel like yours. For me, this meant that I wanted it to feel as cosy as possible, I took fairy lights, candles, blankets, anything that I knew would make me chill out even if it was a crazy week, where all I wanted was to be at home. They are also practical, because lets be honest your a student, your house is likely to be cold. With this comes the home comforts, don’t be left wishing you had bought your favourite DVDs or books, if you want to take it do it, don’t be worried about how much stuff you have if its the stuff that makes you happy!

3.Take a doorstop. 

This is an especially good idea for your first year. Taking a doorstop encourage people to come into your room if you have an open door. You are much more likely to make friends this way as people will naturally come in, see what you are doing and make conversation!

4.Keep in contact. 

Obviously you are moving away from everything you have had growing up, but it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on it completely, it is easier than ever these days to keep in touch with people, so don’t forget to drop your friends a message once in a while or FaceTime your Mum and Dad, you would be surprised how at home you feel if they just put you on FaceTime at dinner time, it is almost as if you are there! And of course you can always go home for a visit if you want!

5.Join a new club or society. 

Whilst it is good to keep in touch with people from home it is also good to make new friends and keep busy. If you are busy, you cannot stop to think how much you miss home. Most universities have a freshers fayre, so check yours out, see what catches your attention. It may be that you find something completely new to try and why not, or perhaps you have always played the same sport through school, your university will most likely have a team and if they don’t try and start one! University is the perfect excuse to try something new and a great way to make friends too.


6. Learn to cook.

Before you move out, ask your parents to teach you to cook some of your favourite dinners. It may seem great to live off pizza and chips for the first week, but you will soon be wishing you could eat Mum’s Spaghetti Bolognese, so at least try and make your version and you will almost feel at home!

University is such an exciting time, it is a new start with so many exciting opportunities on the horizon. You move away from home and have complete freedom to eat and do what you want. It can be nerve-racking, but I hope these few things can help to make the first few weeks a little easier. After all, it will be Christmas before we know it!

Do you have any tips of how you made it easier to move out?

Katie .xx

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