A Day of Thrills: Action Watersports

It was Craig’s birthday recently and I knew we wanted to spend one of the days of his birthday weekend, doing some really fun and something that we really don’t do very often or at all, to make it a little bit special.

Action Watersports Lake

That’s when I thought of Action Watersports. Although Craig hadn’t been there before we have visited on a few occasions as it is somewhere my uncle often went to wakeboard. I knew they had a great offering of sports and that we could definitely find something we would all enjoy.

Action Watersports is a family run business, on a lake in Lydd, making it a brilliant place for friends or family to watch you enjoy your experience on the day too. They are all so welcoming and often invite you to sit on the boat or show you the best places to see from as a spectator.

They are also so lovely when you are taking part in the activity and really take the time to talk you through each movement to make your ride that little bit better. As I mentioned, my uncle often visited to wakeboard and so my brother and I had a go at this as well as water skiing a little while back (it is so much harder than people make it look!).


This time, we wanted to do something we could all do together, so went for the Ringo Ride. It was so much fun, I didn’t stop laughing the whole time and generally managed to stay in the ring! (I was impressed by that!) until the last couple of times, when we went much faster and used the wake of the boat so much more. Craig and I even collided in mid-air during our last ride!

Like I said, everyone is so friendly and all the facilities make your time there that little bit better! If you are looking for a slightly different way to spend your weekend, I would 100% recommend it and we would love to go back soon for a go on the banana boat or perhaps the jet skis!

Have you tried anything like this before?

Katie .xx

NB: Action Watersports had no idea this post is being written. I have always enjoyed going and thought it would be great to share it!

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