Craig is running a marathon

Brighton Marathon

For those that don’t know Craig is my boyfriend and always likes to push himself with difference challenges. In two weeks, Craig will be running the Brighton marathon for Alzheimers Society. Having, cheered his Dad on this time last year, he was inspired to take part. I would say that the training has not been as easy as he first expected. When Craig decides to do something, he really throws himself into it, which usually means he excels. However, this has definitely been more of an uphill struggle. Training is long and quite often boring (his words). Plus, he has actually suffered with a few injuries; I think he is looking forward to giving up running and returning to the gym (his favourite place in the world). This is probably the closest I have seen him to quitting at something.

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I think what is keeping him going is the fact that he has committed to raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society. Having both been personally affected by Alzheimer’s as we have both had loved ones who have suffered from it. The work that the Alzheimer’s Society do is amazing and helps so many people.

Donations towards the society are used in a number of ways:

  1. Research

They are investing in research to find a cause, cure and ways to prevent dementia. Research is so important to make progress towards overcoming dementia, which means that people in the future do not have to suffer.

2. Campaigning

This involves campaigning for a more dementia friendly society. It means they fight for the rights of those living with dementia, increasing the awareness of dementia to allow those with condition can live without fear.

3. Advice and information

The society provides advice and information for those suffering with the condition as well as support for their families. They can provide this support in many ways; over the phone, email, social media, post, or in person.

4. Local support services

The Alzheimers Society provides 3,000 services across the UK to provide extra support for people suffering with dementia, their families, friends and carers.

In short, they do a whole lot of great things to make it easier for people suffering with dementia to still live their lives with as much choice as possible. Not only that, they support the families of these people to make it easier for them.

They need as much support as they can get to continue this great work and often this is in the form of donations. In 2015/16 for every £1 that was donated, 89p was donated directly to those suffering with dementia or their families. The other 11p goes towards generating future income.

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Donations really are important to them, which is why Craig is putting himself through any of this in the first place. Donations will mean that:

  1. Craig gets the little push that he probably needs to get through the marathon.
  2. So much more support can be provided by the Alzheimers Society.

There is still a little way to go until Craig meets his goal and I would love to see him do it, so if you can spare even the tiniest amount of money, please donate here. Or you can text WITY93 and the amount you wish to donate to 70070 (e.g. WITY93 £5 to 70070). If you would like to see if he makes it around on the day then please do head to my Instagram, where I am planning on updating my stories in line with the updates from the day! He is not going alone. He will be running with his Dad and friend, so I am sure they will push each other around, as well as the fact that I will be there cheering them all on! However, your extra support in the form of a donation would be really appreciated!

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