Thank you for discovering Utterly Katie! I am Katie and I am a 20 something student, in the final year of my degree.  I have recently started trying to create some great content on this little bit of the internet.You can expect to see a mixture of content here, from travel to recipes to general life, whatever I feel like sharing (I am warning you, it could be food heavy!).

When I am not studying or working to create some great content for Utterly Katie, you can expect to find me surrounded by my family and friends, usually eating (I told you, I like food), baking (seriously) or exploring what the world has to offer. I also enjoy spending time in the gym and trying out new products, especially if they have been recommended, I am a sucker for beautiful packaging and relax in the evenings watching my favourite influencers on YouTube.

I hope you enjoy the time you spend here and don’t forget to tell your friends.