Becoming the best version of you

As you saw in my last life update, towards the end of my time at university I was really busy. I have had a lot of university work to do as well a part-time job and sometimes it was hard to remember to have fun and actually enjoy what you’re doing in the process. It is easy to get hung up on the fact that you need to do well in anything and before too long, another week has gone by and you can’t see what you have done.

This is when I realised I needed to become the best version of myself, to achieve what I wanted, but still fit in the the things I love in life; going to the gym, hanging out with friends and getting to go out and enjoy myself in new places. Of course, life always throws its challenges at you and I am not suggesting that I know what I am doing. But, life has certainly become easier since I started making little changes. Since I graduated in July, I have continued to try and implement these things and I think now is the perfect time to share them.

Waking up at a good time

Waking up at a time that works for you

I know that I am the most productive in the morning. This is why during my busier periods I have been waking a little earlier so that I can get everything I need done early and make a start to my work. I have found that this way, when I have my inevitable crash at 3pm, I don’t feel quite as bad and I have already accomplished a lot of the tasks on my to do list. Having said that, getting up early is definitely not for everyone and if you know you work more productively in the evening, then do that. Just make sure you are honest with yourself. If you would just rather not get up in the morning but know you work best in the morning, then in all honesty, you won’t be productive in the evening. I learned a lot more about sleep and why we all need to sleep at different times when listening to Nick Littlehales on the Take Fl1ght podcast, where he explains why everyone has different preferential times.

Get organised

I find that writing a to do list really helps me. I need to get my head in order and know exactly what to do with my day. I am naturally fairly organised and so I think that it is essential for me. This includes having a tidy space in which to work, but for me extends to much of my living space. You know how organised you need to be; do what works for you.

Exercise in your routine


Part of my morning routine includes a trip to the gym – although you could just incorporate an at home workout, even some yoga. I know for me that I feel so much better when I exercise. It is the easiest thing to stop doing when things get tough and you are really busy. But, I have found that actually this has a negative affect on my head space. It is good for me to upkeep exercise during these periods and I have managed to maintain motivation recently- something that I am going to write about soon. Even if it is for just a few minutes, perhaps a brisk 10 minute walk, I am quite sure it will help to put things into perspective, after all stress is relative.

Take time out for the things you love

Again, something that is easy to forget is to look after yourself and spend time relaxing when you are so busy. It is still important to take time to relax, especially in the evening. Unwinding before bed is important to ensure that you are not thinking about the days busy events. However it is that you may do this, make sure you make time to do it. If you are someone to schedule then add it to your schedule, don’t compromise on time for you.

Hopefully these few little changes will have an effect on your life as they have on mine. With the smallest changes, I have started to see an improvement in my mental health and make life generally more manageable. Let me know what you do.

Katie .xx


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