Blogmas Day 1: Why Blogmas?

It’s blogmas day 1, the 1st December and I could not be happier about it. Take out your advent chocolate, make a cup of something warm and get ready for blogmas day 1.

Blogmas Day 1

Why blogmas? This is an excellent question. For someone who is busy all of the time and barely finds the time to blog once a week, why on earth would I want to attempt blogmas.

This is actually easy. I love Christmas. Christmas is my favourite time of year, I love everything about it (in fact, that is one of the posts to come, so I won’t divulge). It is surprising, because I could not hate winter more. I hate being cold all the time and generally the British winter is always wet. However, in the lead up to Christmas I love it. It is an excuse to get cosy next to the fire, watch a movie and snuggle under a blanket with some delicious food.

Christmas pretty much sums up everything I love in life. This is probably why I have been such a fan of many blogmas and vlogmas’ of Christmas gone by. Each year, I thought how much I would love to attempt it. So this year, I just thought, why the hell not!?

For anyone that knows me I love a challenge. So preparing enough content for one post a day in certainly up my street, especially when it is Christmas themed. Blogmas day 1 to blogmas day 24. I can do it.

Basically, for me, the 1st December is the start of Christmas. So, hello 1st December and hello Christmas in UtterlyKatie  world.

I hope you will enjoy this month of Christmas fun!

Katie .xx

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