Blogmas Day 12: Blogmas Post Ideas

Blogmas day 12. Crazy. I swear December is really flying by! I figured that seeing as we are half way through blogmas people may now be getting a little stuck about what to write about. Therefore, I have compiled a list of potential blogmas ideas for your posts, of course, you may have seen some around here, or in fact be seeing some soon.

Blogmas Ideas

General Ideas

  1. Why Blogmas? 
  2. Top Vlogmas YouTubers
  3. Secret Santa Gift Guide
  4. Christmas Bucket List
  5. Gift guide for her/him
  6. Dealing with the stress of Christmas
  7. Christmas Tag
  8. Blogmas Ideas
  9. What to watch this Christmas
  10. Christmas Eve Traditions
  11. Blogmas Photo Diary
  12. A Festive Day Out
  13. Christmas on a Budget
  14. Christmas Day Games
  15. Putting up the Christmas Tree

Fashion and Beauty Ideas

  1. Christmas Day Makeup
  2. Festive Lush Haul
  3. Festive Lip Collection
  4. Favourite Festive Candles
  5. Christmas Day Outfit

Food & Drink Blogmas Ideas

Food & Drink Ideas

  1. Christmas Biscuit Recipe
  2. Favourite Christmas Food
  3. Make a Gingerbread House
  4. Festive Cocktails
  5. Favourite Festive Snacks
  6. Perfect Hot Chocolate Recipe
  7. Mince Pie Recipe

Blogmas Favourites

  1. Christmas Decoration Favourites
  2. Favourite Christmas Movies
  3. Favourite Christmas Adverts
  4. A Christmas Playlist/ Favourite Christmas Songs
  5. Favourite Christmas Jumpers
  6. What did you love this year?

Creative Blogmas Ideas

Creative Ideas

  1. DIY Christmas Gifts
  2. DIY Christmas Cards
  3. Christmas Wrapping Ideas
  4. Preparing your Christmas Table
  5. Make your own Wreath

Of course these are only a selection of ideas. Let me know if there are any you love reading?

Katie .xx

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