Blogmas Day 2: Buying Christmas Decorations

I don’t know about you, but the decorations in our house don’t go up until a little closer to Christmas. So no matter how ready I am for Christmas there is always time to buy some more decorations. I have picked out a few of my favourite decoration. Perhaps you can do a little shopping before decking out your house this year.

Advent Calendar

It may be the 2nd December but it is never too late to purchase an advent calendar, especially one to fill yourself! I used to have one of these as a child and we reused it each year. Now that I have moved away from home we tend not to use it, but I would love to have one when I have my own place. The fact that you are reading this on 2nd December, may even mean they are heavily discounted, so get in there, even if it is for next year. Some of them are just stunning and you can fill them with whatever you like.

Tree Decorations

I cannot wait to put my Christmas tree up this year (and pretty much every year!), in fact we actually decorate two in our house! Each year I love to have a theme, but I know some people love to mish mash it up with different colours and sentimental decorations too. I love each of these and would love to see them on my tree this year. It actually looks as though I am a fan of the traditional round bauble from this selection, what do you think?

Christmas Ornaments

Our house is generally an ornament free zone. The need to eradicate clutter is essential! But, there is something about an ornament at Christmas that just adds something to the Christmas decorations in the house.

Little Extras

Hey, if you can’t make everything festive at this time of year then what is the point? Make the most of it and put a little Christmas everywhere!

I may have bought a few of these items myself… You can look out for them on my Instagram. Happy shopping!

Katie .xx

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