Blogmas Day 3: Festive Bucket List


Every Christmas I have a little bucket list of things that I want to make sure I do. These may not be traditional things, like putting up the Christmas tree (of course, everyone does that!) but, just little activities to make me feel a little bit more festive. As I have already mentioned this Blogmas several times, I really love Christmas so I think the list gets longer each year. Anything festive I am on board with.

Festive Bucket List

A Black Forest Hot Chocolate

Any other time of year Costa is not my favourite, but at Christmas they just get it. I am ashamed that I have no yet enjoyed one of their delicious black forest hot chocolates, be assured I will consume many of them before Christmas arrives.

A Christmas movie blanket day

I secretly used to love it when I became ill at this time of year as a child as it was an excuse to sit under a duvet and watch Christmas movies all day long. Now, I don’t get ill as often (perks of adulting?!) but I still like to squeeze in that one day in the festive period to enjoy a Christmas movie marathon. Plus, its even better to enjoy it with a bowl of treats like popcorn and chocolate. Look out for my favourite Christmas films, coming later in the month!

Festive baking

Baking at any time of year is the best, as any one who knows me will know. Any excuse to bake is perfect. Christmas is just the best time. Christmas is the perfect excuse for extravagance and therefore trying new things. There is also the added bonus that the weather at this time of year means that the best place to be is inside the house, cooking in a beautiful warm kitchen. Look out for some great festive bakes coming this blogmas.

A trip to London

I think this is quite common to do it. Each Christmas i love to do a festive tour around London, seeing the Christmas windows, visiting the department stores and seeing the lights up major streets like Oxford and Regent Street. Also, with a quick trip Winter Wonderland of course. I know it is typically something a tourist would do and perhaps if I lived there I wouldn’t want to be trawling the busiest places. But, I love the hustle and bustle and can imagine it is everyone running around doing their Christmas shopping, just like in the movies!

Christmas market

Visit at least one Christmas market

I don’t care how big or how small it is, I try to make sure I visit at least one market each year. They are the best way to start feeling festive, with the delicious smells of mulled wine/cider as well as the cute little pieces you can pick up from them.

Ice Skating

Last but not least, I love to go ice skating. It doesn’t matter if it is my local rink or one that has been put up for the festive period. There is no better time than to put your gloves, coat and those ridiculous skates on and try not to fall over. It feels wrong to go at any other time of the year. Take a look at the to check where your local rink is.

Check out my Instagram to see how many of these things I get up to this festive period.

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