Blogmas Day 4: My Favourite Christmas Films

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned how I would love to have a day in front of the TV wrapped up in a blanket with hot chocolate during the festive period. So today I thought I would share my favourite Christmas films with you. Working from five to one (my most favourite Christmas film!).

The Holiday DVD

5. The Holiday

Not sure that everyone would actually consider this a Christmas film, but I definitely do. Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, what more could you want? Plus, I want to visit the village where the little cottage is, it definitely looks like a Christmassy village, who fancies a trip with me?!

4. Love Actually

A classic. Summing up the magic of Christmas whilst following several relationships throughout the festive period.

Love Actually DVD
The Santa Clause DVD

3. The Santa Clause

I can’t be the only one who secretly hoped that my Dad would one day become Santa Clause after watching this film. I wanted to go to the North Pole to see Bernard and enjoy a delicious cup of cocoa. Plus, I love wrapping presents so I wouldn’t have minded giving the elves a hand!

2. Miracle of 34th Street

This is such a cute one. I actually think I prefer the remake. This Santa is probably how I always imagined Santa would be when I was a child. A beautiful film that sums up Christmas for me!

Miracle on 34th Street DVD


Who doesn’t love Elf?! It is one of the main reasons I want to visit New York to see the sites in the movie, especially to make a Christmas tree in the lift of the empire state building. I would go as far as to say this is my favourite film, not just favourite Christmas film. Hey, SANTA’s COMING!

What do you think? Do we share the same favourite Christmas films?

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