Celebrating being 21.

This month I turned 21. I thought I would feel really old as I did when I turned 19 and 20 but for some reason 21 just didn’t bother me as much. Perhaps, because I’ve spent much of the time celebrating with my family and friends. I’ve been so busy perhaps I haven’t quite stopped to consider the fact that I am 21.


Anyway, this meant I had a party last weekend with all of my closest family and friends so thought I would share some of the things I used to decorate what would otherwise have been a very plain and boring hall.


I went with a pale pink and gold theme; princess with an older edge, which I think looked really pretty and I took throughout everything we did in the hall. Of course, being a student, none of it was expensive and you could easily do any of it. After all I’ve been busy so none of it required any amount of time either.


I started with the obvious, balloons. I knew I wanted some of the large number balloons as I had seen in so many places. However, I also needed other balloons for the tables within the rooms. The pale pink ones were stunning and I went for a clear ‘21’ balloon within each bouquet, which actually lightened it up even more. The large balloons were put next to the food near the bar, which decorated the small bar area beautifully.


This was especially with the addition of the stunning birthday cake Mum made me. I was so impressed by it and it tasted as delicious as it looked.


I also wanted to make sure I got some photos with all my family and friends as we had all made such an effort to get dressed up nicely. I knew I wanted to have a ‘photobooth’ area for this to ensure we had a lovely backdrop to our photos. For this I put a couple of gold tassel curtains (I think they are usually used for doors) and hung them against the wall. As well as a pink and gold ‘happy birthday’ banner to go over the top, just to break it up a little. I think it brightened the photos and made them that little bit more special. Plus, we will always know where the photos came from!

The DJ took care of the dance floor with some lights and smoke equipment and everyone seemed to have a great time. I know I definitely had a better time than I ever imagined I would and really relaxed and celebrated with all my favourite people.

The decorations may have been simple, but they were cheap and effective, not to mention easy to take down when the party was over!


Do you have any go to decoration ideas for when you have a party? Do you have any easy to create ideas?

Katie .xx

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