Changing the way we think about things

I’ve recently been absorbing a lot of media concerned with mental state. From books to YouTube videos, all of what I have consumed is suggesting that we can be harsh on ourselves. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am the Queen of Overthinking. With each life decision I make I have to think about it carefully, to ensure that I have made the right decision. I don’t think that this is always a bad thing. But, sometimes, it can get a little too much, especially when I start to become hard on myself.

Absorbing all of this media has really started to make me think about this. Obviously, you have to make changes in your life to progress. These aren’t a bad thing. In fact, they are part of what makes us human. It is just that sometimes we don’t necessarily go about it in the most positive way.

For example, I could decide that I am going to make a change with my diet to become healthier and feel good about myself. However, it is unlikely we actually tell ourselves in this way that this is the change we are going to make. Inherently, everyone is much harsher on themselves than this. In fact, they are harsher on themselves than they are on other people.

Make Today Awesome - The Way We Think

I am becoming more and more of a believer in the fact that, “you are what you think”. Those days where I think, “I am going to fail all my exams and ruin my life forever,” they do end up being the one’s where I am least productive, because I am so caught up in negativity that I cannot work passed it. Those days where I take each little bit step-by-step, oh hey, I make progress!

This video, is what especially drew my attention to this fact. It is a video about how we are actually really cruel to ourselves. When in reality there is no need to be this way.

I am not saying that everyday is sunshine and roses, or that we can’t have days where we wallow in self-pity. But, I am saying that the mental attitude at which we attempt what we want to do has a big effect on the outcome. I am making some big life decisions at the moment. Things can get a little scary at times. But, being harsh on yourself on top of that is not going to help and deep down I think we all know that. Sometimes, it just takes a little reminder. If this blog post can even remind one person of that today, then it has succeeded and I am happy.

Something to remember is that, “The story isn’t about how the ugly duckling became the swan, it is about the ugly duckling realising it was the swan all along,” – Leta Green.

Have a great week everyone.

Katie .xx

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