Blogmas Day 16: Places I would spend Christmas abroad

For me, Christmas seems as though it needs to be spent in the UK. Perhaps this is because it is where I have always spent Christmas, but it is the only place I can imagine enjoying some of the traditions I love about Christmas. However, I have chosen 3 places that I would like to spend Christmas abroad, if I did decide to leave the UK.

I think to start with I would prefer to go somewhere that was cold for Christmas. Instead, of somewhere hot and sunny. I struggle to see how Christmas would be the same if I was in a hot country.

New York Christmas

1. New York

Anyone that reads this little blog often will know I have a little bit of an obsession with travelling to New York. However, I think this stems from my love of Elf (which I have also mentioned a few times). Therefore, I would love to travel to New York at Christmas time and visit all of the beautiful places with Christmas decorations; I mean look for the biggest Christmas trees and Christmas lights across the city.

Lapland Christmas

2. Finland

Who doesn’t want to visit Lapland at Christmas? Somewhere completely covered in snow and offering Elf School makes it the perfect place to spend Christmas. I would go and visit the baby polar bears and the huskies whilst I was there too. There are so many amazing places to stay too.

Australia Christmas

3. Australia

Having said that I would rather go somewhere cold at Christmas time I think that visiting Australia at Christmas would be interesting. I love the beach and think it would be pretty cool to be able to go to the beach on Christmas day. It would be cool to see how they spend Christmas in Australia.

Where would you like to spend your Christmas abroad?

Katie .xx


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