Blogmas Day 11: My Christmas Playlist

An update

Okay, so technically I have failed my first blogmas… I had to take a 5 day break. Essentially, I decided too late that I wanted to take part in blogmas and therefore could not get organised and have my posts scheduled ahead of time as I would have liked. It means that I am having to write each post as and when I need to upload it – each day. I had a trip planned to Disney Land and had hoped I would still be able to carry on. However, the WiFi was not the best and I decided I really wanted to enjoy the time I have there. (Of course I will be sharing my trip during blogmas soon!). As a result, I missed a few days. I know I am rubbish. But, I will be more determined than ever to finish up now.

My Christmas Playlist

What now?

So today I am back and here I am with my Christmas playlist. Christmas songs. Everyone loves them and they are really what kicks off Christmas for many people. Music can change your mood instantly; a little jingle of bells and the beautiful tones of Michael Buble are sure to cheer anyone up. With so many festive activities, I needed a soundtrack for my Christmas. I started to create a Christmas playlist with the intention of sharing with you all. Until, my housemate introduced me to one that has been created by Spotify for the Christmas period. When I heard it I knew there was literally no point in me creating my own as it would be a duplicate.

It is the Christmas Crackers playlist. It sure does have a lot of crackers!

My favourite Christmas songs

This playlist has so many of my favourite Christmas songs. I have really given it a lot of thought about what I thought was my favourite Christmas song is, but, I just cannot pinpoint one specific song. Some of my favourites that make me feel particularly festive include, “All I Want for Christmas is You” (obvs), “Merry Xmas Everybody” and the Michael BublĂ© version of, “Its Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas”.

I hope you like the playlist and it starts to make your feel festive, if you don’t already, come on, there is only 2 weeks to go! Let me know your favourite Christmas song.

Katie .xx

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