Delicious Sunday morning breakfast…


I love discovering new places and that includes new places to eat. Whenever I go somewhere new I try to discover a new independent place to eat and that counts for the local area too.


Canterbury is one of my favourite places to visit as it is not too far from where I live. It is such a pretty city and great for some retail therapy too. There is just a nice buzz around the city, which makes it so pleasant.

Each time we go, I like to discover somewhere new to eat-this time we were looking for a delicious breakfast, but we wanted to try and keep it a healthy breakfast too.

A quick Google search soon gave me the answer and so many people had recommended Kitch, a little cafe on the St Peters Street serving fresh, homemade and healthy food. There was also many vegan options and generally the items were dairy free.

Firstly, let’s start with the menu. There was so many delicious options for both food and drink that it made it very difficult to choose what to have (which does mean we will have to go back) and the orders on our table were very varied.


I had these delicious buckwheat cinamon pancakes with banana, berry compote, coconut shavings and dairy free coconut yoghurt. I really fancied something sweet and these were just perfect; the right balance of sweet and sour so that it still felt okay to eat them for breakfast.


Dad had been hoping for avocado on toast all morning and was very happy with what he received. The best poached eggs I’ve seen out for a while, perfectly cooked with a bright yellow runny yolk. Just look at that bacon!


Finally, mum enjoy a full “kitch” breakfast. Something slightly diffeeent, it included hummus and kale. Completely vegetarian and apparently so tasty too!

It it is safe to say we were all very satisfied with our breakfast choices and left feeling full and ready to tackle the shops!

We do all want to go back to try there lunch menu though. I really want to try there Choco Cherry smoothie (how delicious does that sound?!) as well as there homemade cake, which all looked insane. What’s more, they have the perfect window overlooking the high street, so that you can just watch the world go by.

Where do you go for the perfect Sunday breakfast?

Katie .xx

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