Do I Want to Keep Blogging?

Do I Want to Keep Blogging?

Oh wow. It sure has been a while since I actually put pen to paper and sat blogging. Over a month in fact. I could blame my exams, but in truth, they have been finished for quite a while now. I really thought that after my exams I would have all the inspiration to get back to writing on a weekly basis, I had so many ideas and I was waiting to have the time to write to my hearts content.

However, when my exams finished something very different happened. I didn’t want to write. I had ideas, but I could not find the motivation to write them and publish them for you guys. That got me thinking, did I even want to continue blogging, or did I want to leave blogging with the end of university? There is a lot change in my life at the moment, so it could be the perfect time to allow the blog to come to an end. Blogging is a lot of work and alongside a full-time job, perhaps I wouldn’t be able to put in the time and effort that blogging really needs. With the few followers I already had it can sometimes feel as though there is little point in carrying on. With no one reading it, why would I want to keep writing it?

This got me thinking about why I started blogging in the first place. None of it came down to people actually reading it. I am actually surprised anyone reads it. In fact I started it for me to write, because this is something I love. I started to write on the blog, so that I could look back, almost like a diary and see what I thought, what I did and how I felt at different stages in my life. With that in mind, nothing has really changed, so I should keep blogging after all.

Here is hoping that I am back for good. Despite the changes in life, I am determined to make time for the things I love and that includes blogging.

Katie .xx

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