Failing Blogmas and what I learned

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and are looking forward to welcoming in 2018. I know I sure am. You may have noticed that things got a little quiet over here on UtterlyKatie when Blogmas was supposed to be happening. Oops. I suppose some people would say I failed. But, with any failure comes the perfect excuse to learn. So I thought I would share what I learned from the experience.

Failing Blogmas

1. Preparation is key.

Blogmas was a pretty last minute decision for me and therefore I didn’t have time to pre-prepare too many posts. It meant that I had to juggle everything that comes with posting daily on top of studying, working a part-time job and also trying to have a social life. If I had time to prepare some posts prior to December starting then the whole process would have been much more enjoyable and manageable.

2. Sometimes you can try to do too much

Like I mentioned above I was trying to juggle too much. I could see that the quality of my posts were falling below where I would like them. I didn’t have time to take my own photos and I was having to use a considerable number of stock images, which is not my aim for the blog.

3. When you stop loving something you need a break

Blogmas was becoming more of a chore as it was adding to the list of things I had to do. It meant that I was falling out of love with blogging as it was becoming a chore to write a post each day and promote them. When you fall out of love with your hobby, it isn’t fun and you don’t do it justice. That’s when it is best to take a step back and I know that I would not have been happy with the posts I created had I carried on. 

4. Christmas is for fun

Even when all the hard work of uni and my part-time job were over, I decided that it was actually best to enjoy some of the fun of Christmas with my family and friends. I wanted to get involved with Christmas without worrying about sharing what we were getting up to and making sure we had bloggable photos. I think I enjoyed the lead up to Christmas much more for it.

5. Being ambitious is great until it gets too much

I love to be ambitious and I knew that setting myself the challenge of blogmas was always going to be a challenge. But, it is also good to identify when you need a break and when enough is enough. Working such long days to complete my assignments and work for my job meant that I was spending my only down time still staring a screen. This is what I do most of the year, but sometimes, it is good to notice that you need a break before you become ill.

I hope next year that I can prepare some of the posts in advance and complete Blogmas and I congratulate everyone that managed it! But, for now I am happy with my choice to stop when I did. Here’s to a very happy, successful 2018.

Katie .xx


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