Favourite January moments…

Following one of my goals to take more photos in 2017, I have been working to get more of my favourite moments on my Instagram feed, so that I can look back on them and reminisce my favourite moments from the year. I have stuck to this and posted much more often throughout January. I thought I would share some of my favourites with you.

January is a big month for me every year anyway as it is my birthday month. It was made that little big bigger by the fact it was my 21st this year. But more on that later. I had lots of goals this year, as I spoke about in a previous post. So I really tried to kick the year off well and stick to them. I have worked out so much this year so far, especially using Lucy’s videos! I would recommend them if you want to work out at home as I feel so much more confident and happy after really getting stuck back into exercise.

With my goals for the year in mind, we took a trip to Bath in early January, as a part of wanting to see more of the world, even if that is close(ish) to home. We had a very relaxing weekend exploring the city and I would love to go back soon. I’ve also enjoyed sitting by the fire this month, during the freezing days and evenings we have had!

My 21st party was a major part of the month for me and I had the best weekend, better than I could’ve imagined!

The latter end of the month was spent much closer to home, but I still made sure I explored the local area with a walk every now and again. You can find some truly stunning views no matter where you live and it makes you feel so much better to step out of the house and breathe some fresh air.

January also saw the first premiere for two hardworking, amazing people, which was a great night and really inspired me to go after my dreams. This is why I decided to get organised and start thinking about the future. I love having inspiration like this from my closest friends and family…

All in all I think I smashed January and loved every moment of it. Not the idea that a lot of people have of January. Did you get up to much in January?

Katie .xx

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