Feeling pressure and finding balance


It is very easy to put pressure on ourselves, I know that I definitely do with everything in life, whether it is something I enjoy or something that I have to do. For example, I put pressure on myself to do well at work, but equally, I put pressure on myself to create a great blog post at least once a week.

Sometimes, I think pressure can be a great thing, it motivates you to succeed and show the world how great you are. However, sometimes, it can have completely the opposite affect and I found, in some places, particularly with the things I love, it stopped me doing so well. For example with blogging, I found that trying to stick to a schedule and therefore forcing myself to create great content for a certain time each week, actually meant that I had a creativity block. It stopped me from being able to create content I love and therefore meant that I just missed weeks of content. It is the same for getting fit, or even working. Putting too much pressure on myself stopped me from enjoying the task in hand and therefore made me less likely to want to do it.

I think perhaps the difference is whether the pressure comes from you or from someone else. For example, if my manager at work, or my tutor at university is putting pressure on me to do well, usually, I will thrive, because I want to prove to them that I can do it. I actually really like pressure in this sort of situation. However, if I put pressure on myself it often stops me from succeeding, specifically on creative tasks. You just cannot force yourself to be creative at the end of the day and if you try to, it often has the opposite affect.

I suppose the point of this post is to suggest that we all need to find a bit of balance in our life. As I said before, I think goals are very important, but equally, it is good to have a point at which you stop pushing and let yourself sit back and live, so that you can feel re-motivated again, whether this is for a creative task or otherwise! I suppose you just need balance with everything in life.

What do you think? Do you find you struggle with creativity or completing a task if you put too much pressure on yourself?

Katie .xx

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