Product Review: Goji Collection Headphones

This is a slightly different post for me this week. Usually when I complete a product review it is a beauty review. However, I love technology and had been looking for some great headphones for a while. The thing is, I am a student. I had specific requirements, I wanted something that:

  1. Was comfortable to wear;
  2. Had decent sound;
  3. Looked good;
  4. Had the ability to be used both wirelessly and with a lead;
  5. Was not too expensive.

It turns out that this is actually quite hard to achieve. As with anything, it is generally the rule that you cannot have everything unless you have a big budget. This is probably why it took me so long to find the headphones that I was looking for.

So, lets get into it and you can find out what I thought of the Goji Collection Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

Headphone design

I mean, we have to start here. Have you seen them. A vision of beauty. This is exactly what I was looking for when I started my headphone hunt; something beautiful, feminine and not too clunky. These tick every box in my list of requirements so to speak. Plus, I think they seem to be more expensive than they really are in the quality of the design.

Quality of sound

Surely this goes without saying, when buying a pair of headphones that sound is one of the most important factors, even for me! I would say that the sound is a very decent quality and I have used them for a variety of uses from listening to music (obvs), watching videos and phone calls. I think that they manage to stop external sound from affecting the listening experience. This certainly helps, especially when I am in a busy place. Of course, I am sure that a more expensive pair of headphones would sound much better, but we have to keep in the mind the cost of the product to some extent.


Sometimes I wear them for hours on end whilst I am studying and generally they are comfortable. I would say that sometimes the headphones can put a lot of pressure on your ears. However, I would say that they are quite comfortable and not many people would wear them for quite as long as I sometimes do. I should also point out that I have previously not enjoyed on-ear headphones for this reason, so I do not necessarily think this is a direct fault of these ones.

Ease of use

Having the ability to use these headphones both wirelessly and with w ire was important to me. I see that technology is going towards wireless only enabled. However, I still wanted the ability to plug them into the devices I currently own which allow me to do this. Not to mention that this would allow me to use the headphones without charging them all the time. They meet both of these categories. In addition, they are really easy to use, set up and connect to each device.

Value for money

In my opinion these are brilliant value for money. They seem to retail at about £50, but PC World in particular seem to offer them for less than that on a regular basis (I picked them up for £35). This is one of the cheapest pair of wireless, bluetooth headphones on the market. Overall, I would definitely recommend them to everyone. They are beautiful and I do love the quality of them too.


Let me know, do you have any headphone recommendations that are similar to these?

Katie .xx

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