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Pixel Party Drinks

I’m not going to lie, this post is self indulgent and I’m only posting it to look back and remember what an awesome time I had. Last week, I was one of the lucky few chosen to attend the Pixel Party in Birmingham. It was a competition held by Victoria from inthefrow and the lovely people at Google Pixel. Held in a beautiful venue, it was on the 25th floor of The Cube, also known as Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse and Bar. The views were incredible, the drink was flowing and everyone was very happy to be there.

View at Pixel PartyThe night was to celebrate the launch of the new Pixel 2 phone. There were representatives from Google at the event showing off the great features of the phone, including the amazing camera. It is voted as the best camera on any smartphone. Definitely tempting. They also showed us the VR element of the phone, you can watch anything, including YouTube with their headset. They launched this headset to be a more affordable way for users to access VR. This is as it markets at a lower price point then many other great VR headsets. I have to say Craig and I were quite impressed with it. It is a feature that comes with the phone, so the only additional purchase is the headset itself.

Google VR Headset

However, the best part about the whole night and for me the reason for going was that I got to meet Victoria. I have looked up to her for a while now. She is just a brilliant girl boss. Her blog is stunning, as in literal blog goals. She is literally smashing it right now. Last season she was the face of Ted Baker, this season one of the faces of the L’Oreal Paris hair campaign. You can tell from her vlogs how hard she works and how much it all means to her, which makes her success that little bit better.

I was a little nervous to meet her, purely for the fact that people say you shouldn’t meet your idols. However, there was literally nothing to be worried about. Victoria was as lovely in person as she comes across online. Despite, the fairly large queue of people she made sure to take the time to talk to me properly. It didn’t feel like she was rushing through. To be honest the whole night was testament to how hard she works; she stood the whole time in her fairly high heels (I know I am not the best in heels) and a stunning dress. Only stopping briefly (really briefly) to have a drink, reapply her lipstick and catch up with Alex or her manager. If anything meeting her made me even more motivated to work hard on the stuff that I love this year.

Meeting Victoria

One of my goals was to say yes to more opportunities and I am so glad I rushed from Kent to Birmingham with only a few hours notice to make the most of this one. It just goes to show that it is definitely something I should be doing more this year. Bring it on 2018.

Katie .xx

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