Increasing Motivation: What helps me

Every now and again I find that I need a little boost of motivation. I find that at a certain point I will be lacking motivation in all aspects of my life, from work, to blogging, to working out and even to exploring new places. I don’t think I am the only one and that sometimes we need a little boost of inspiration in life to keep us going. I have found a few ways to do this, when I think all is lost and I will never get anything done again!

Keeping motivated- Motivational Places

Inspirational places

When you are lacking inspiration and motivation I think it is really important to get out of the house or the office and find somewhere you find it easy to think or that is just inspirational in itself, that are close to home (it is easy to be inspired by new places I suppose). Perhaps, it is as simple as a coffee shop window, where you can watch people walk by and imagine what is going through their minds as they go about their daily life. I have a few places like this, often, I find escaping to the beach is really good for this but equally, when I am at university, always find time to climb up the horrendous hill that rewards you with a beautiful view over Guildford.

Inspirational people keep me motivated- At Home Podcast

Inspirational people

Equally, I think it is great to have someone to look up to. Someone that you find inspirational and motivates you, whether it is to be like them, or because they are so great at what they do that you aim to be just as great at what you do. For you, this might be someone close to home, such as a parent, a sibling and of course I find all these people inspirational. But, I recently came across Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton’s podcast “At Home With…“. I don’t normally listen to podcasts, but when I heard about this one, I had to listen. Each week, they had a special guest, who they joined at their home, but interviewed them about their career and personal life. They are all inspirational women, at the top of what they do. I found it so interesting and it really inspired me to have a go at what I want, try my best and put in the hard work. I really recommend it and hope there is a second season.

Keeping motivated- Motivational Quotes

Inspirational quotes

When all else fails I find that it does actually help me to look at some of my favourite motivational quotes, I have a few and plan to write a blog post sharing them all. But, I think this is quite personal and we will each find different things motivate us. Therefore I would guess you have your own motivational quotes, whether they are from your favourite film, your inspirational person or just random ones that you have found.

Whatever it may be, I think it is hard to keep motivated, so you need to have ways of inspiring yourself. Do any of these ways work for you? Or do you have other ways of inspiring and motivating yourself?

Katie .xx


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