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Blimey, where has June gone? How quickly it has flown and come to think of it, the whole first half of the year! In fact it has been so long since I wrote a post about my favourite things, so this is probably more of a favourites from the last few months, rather than simply just June. Some of them are favourites that have actually resurfaced from last summer.

With that in mind my first favourite is the sunshine. It has been so lovely the last few weeks to see the sunshine. It is so motivational and allows you to get up to so much more than the cold, winter months. This probably makes sense with most of my favourites, as they are to do with looking after yourself in the sun.

There are a few skincare favourite this month; the first is the Superdrug Coconut & Orchid Body Butter. I did post about this on Instagram as I was so amazed by how beautiful the scent was as well as the thickness of the product for the price. I think it was a real bargain and perfect for my skin, dried out from using suncream and being in the sun.

Along the same theme and a favourite from last year too, the OGX Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil, helps to renew the moisture in your hair after it has been in the sunshine. I used it whilst away on holiday last year and loved it. It is a little pricier than other oils I have used (though by no means expensive) but you need such a small amount on your towel dried hair that it makes it brilliant value for money.


When I haven’t been away, or have simply failed to get a tan (I am so pale!) I have been enjoying the Soap and Glory Instant Beach Bronze Buttergel. Perfect for a night out, it is so easy to apply- I am usually so rubbish at fake tanning- as it does not streak. It is only suitable for one night, as it washes off very easily in the shower, but despite this, does not leave that orange stain on my bedsheets that a normal tan would.

After hearing so many great things about it, I have turned to using Garnier Miscellar Water to remove my makeup before cleansing. I have found it perfect for the gym, as it means I can remove my make up without using make up wipes, especially with this mini version. I have also tried the oil infused version, which I did like, but I don’t think I would choose to pay the extra money for it, over the regular water.

Following my cleanse, I recently purchased a new night cream. Previously, I simply used the same moisturiser night and day, however, when I ran out, I used my Mum’s No7 night cream. I loved it and really saw a difference between night and day cream. However, currently, I cannot justify spending the amount it costs on a regular basis. I decided to try a different night cream and discovered the Nivea night cream. I find for the price it so lovely, much more deeply moisturising. Although, not as lovely as the No7 one, it is definitely great value for money and will keep my skin nicely moisturised.


I have loved this Makeup Revolution pallette for a long time, but I hadn’t quite realised how much I loved it until it hit pan. I especially love it for travelling as it is 3 in 1 making it much easier to transport. I love Makeup Revolution as a brand and would highly recommend it. I have equally been loving the makeup brush cleaner from this brand. Although, I still do a monthly deep clean of my brushes, this is a great way to keep them clean and free of bacteria in between this time.


Finally, I have been loving this Boohoo dress. I purchased it for a family party, but equally wore it out for dinner in Rome. It is so versatile, as it can be dressed up with heels or down with some strap on sandals, great value for money! I have been pairing these- and pretty much every outfit- with my stunning Primark sunglasses priced at between £1 and £3, they are so cheap and I love them.

What have you been loving this month? Or even this summer?

Katie .xx

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