Keep Calm and Carry On

The last few weeks have been so busy both personally and at work for me, sometime it is easy for everything to just take over and become a little too much. I know that I always try to seem composed, but often, find myself like a swan. Calm and composed on the outside, but on the inside, moving around so quickly (like a swans legs). Perhaps I don’t seem so composed to those closest to me.

One of these people did tell me however, to keep calm. Whatever I was worried about would surely not be a worry in another few weeks time.

This made me think of this phrase and it never seemed more relevant. They were right, everything did turn out ok in the end, after a lot of hard work and determination.

This is why it is a just reminder to you and to myself to Keep Calm and Carry On. This time in your life won’t be forever, it is only temporary and you will feel so much success when something you have worked hard to achieve finally happens.


Katie .xx

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