My bucket list…

I feel as though I am not alone when I say that experiences are much better than things, which is why I often try to spend my money on experiences. Its for this reason that I have decided to create a bucket list.

To have a list of experiences I want to complete in my lifetime is so exciting. Think of all the things you can learn, places you can see and experiences you can have, especially if you have an aim for these! So this is my bucket list and what I would love to do…


Travel to all 7 continents

Travel is one of my main aims and what I often think about when planning how to spend my money. I am lucky enough to have travelled quite a lot, when I was growing up. So I have managed to travel to 4 of the 7 continents, but I would love to visit the last few; Africa, Australasia and Antarctica.

Go to New York at Christmas

On top of the general, travelling to the main continents there are specific places that I would really love to visit. New York has always been the top of that list and somewhere I have always wanted to go. I think that at Christmas time it would be even more magical and so I would love to go then!

Visit Italy

I am actually going to Rome later in the year and I am so excited to discover such a beautiful city. I have heard so many great things about it, but if anyone has any specific recommendations then feel free to share them with me. Next on the list for Italy, would definitely have to be Venice, but I am so looking forward to endless pizza, pasta and gelato!


Visit Greece

Another beautiful country, not too far from home. I would love to visit and lets be honest much of it is very Insta worthy!

Visit Australia

Absolutely a once in a lifetime trip and somewhere that I want to visit properly when I do, travel around the country a bit and see more than one area. This one is definitely going to have to wait for a little until the funds allow!

Work abroad for a year

Since I have been at university, I have realised I am actually quite a homely person and I love to be at home. However, I think it would be a good test and brilliant experience to work away from home for a year. I think I would need to try a fairly Western country first, so it was not a complete culture shock, but it would be great to experience a new culture too (so maybe it would need to be two years).

See Coldplay live

I love live music. Going to a concert or a festival is brilliant. There is such a buzz around the place and everyone is in a good mood. But, Coldplay has always been on my list to see live. I love all of their albums and I think their live show would be amazing.

Make a den and watch films from it all day

Simple, low cost, great for a rainy day.


Move out and have a place of my own

So this may be considered more of a “thing” as I would after all be buying, probably the biggest purchase of my life. But, I couldn’t miss this off my bucket list and it is one of my greatest goals.

Get a tattoo

In a similar way, I suppose I would be buying a “thing”, but I would love to make a decision of something I want to have on me forever and experience the process of getting it. I do like tattoos, but if they have meaning I prefer them much more. Hence, why I haven’t just got any old image tattooed on me.

Do you have a bucket list? Or do you prefer buying “things”?

Katie .xx

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