Our favourite places to eat: Rome

Our trip to Rome, was definitely full of delicious food, as all of our trips are. However, I think most people’s trip to Rome include a lot of food, so I thought I would write a quick guide of all the places we visited.

As I am a student, you can expect that none of the food cost a lot, we tried to keep the costs down as much as possible (our most expensive meal, including two courses and wine, was about €50 for two), but actually, many people told us, the best food in Rome was the cheapest and I would say that we agreed!

We were told to eat, it was best to visit the Trastevere area. This is apparently where you will find all the locals eating, making the food the most authentic and also cheaper than in the tourist areas. I would say Italian service, is definitely different to other areas of the world, such as America or the UK and definitely less attentive than we may be used to, we didn’t find a problem with it, but, a lot of the reviews of the places we visited on Trip Advisor seem to be negative for this reason!



We did eat outside of Trastevere a couple of times at lunchtime, when we got too hungry to make the trip in that direction. One of those times, was on the first day. We discovered a little place, which seemed to be full of locals. It was almost like a deli, but full of pizza slices! You took a ticket, with a number. When your number was called, you selected the type of pizza you would like, have it weighed and then pay for the pizza in terms of weight.


Other times, we did enjoy lunch in Trastevere. One of those times was at Cave Canem. Definitely not the poshest of places, it was quite rough and ready, and definitely with the typical Italian service I mentioned above. However, we did enjoy the food, it was very traditional and good to eat too. I also tried Aperol (as I had seen the locals drinking it and had never tried it) and Craig enjoyed the largest beer. This of course was a long with the pizza we shared as well as some salad.

The other place we enjoyed lunch was Gino 51, this was our last meal before leaving for the airport, so we had two courses. Starting with arrancini balls- one of my favourites! Followed by some more yummy pizza! Again, it was another place to people watch and soak up the atmosphere of this great area too.

Ice Cream

Yes, we do need a whole section, specifically dedicated to ice cream, as we had one every day we were there. But, when I see ice cream, this is likely no ice cream I have ever enjoyed before. None of this small ice cream, pappy cone type business. The smallest you could get in the shops we visited was 2 flavours and it was all so good.


Our two favourite places were, Gelateria La Romana, a recommendation from a work colleague, the queue was so long, confirming that it would be good! In all the shops we went, you prepay for the number of flavours you would like and then select them from a board. Here, there was a chocolate tap running, with melted milk and white chocolate, which they poured into your cone!

The second place that was really tasty, was a recommendation I saw in an Estee Lalonde vlog, about her trip to Rome. Having seen how much she enjoyed it, I had to track it down and it was so worth it! It was Giolitti, with so many flavours, we could have spent a week here and not had the same ice cream twice… or perhaps even two weeks!



On the first night, we visited Trattoria Il Ponentino. I think I chose wrong here, as I didn’t particularly enjoy my food, however, Craig definitely did enjoy his pizza! It was also one of the cheapest places we visited and had a cute little courtyard of seating.

The second night, we went to one place, found it to be very touristy and packed in and so moved a long to find somewhere new to try. We came across Bruno All Lungretta, sat on the side of the main street, which people walk through, it was the perfect place to people watch from our table (one of our favourite things to do!) and also offered some delicious food too. We both enjoyed a tomato bruschetta (something we noticed a lot of Italians eating), which was delicious, followed by some yummy pasta too!


Our final night, probably my favourite place, was Arco di San Callisto, down a little road, just off of Piazza di Santa Maria, the main piazza we found in the area. This was a very traditional place, with friendly service and delicious food. The main waiter, and clearly the guy in charge, looked after us so well. We again enjoyed a tomato bruschetta each to start. I then had a carbonara, as I had avoided eating one until that point, but had noticed it everywhere! Craig, also had another pizza, which was a little strange (sausage and chips on top!) but that was a bad decision on his part!


As you can see, we had some really great Italian food, full of our favourite things, pizza, pasta and ice cream, what could be better. Perhaps you have some favourites places to share in the comments, for anyone else looking to go there soon!

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