Blogmas Day 13: What to Pack for a Winter trip to Disneyland Paris

As you may have seen over on Instagram I recently took a trip to Disneyland Paris so I thought I would share with you what I packed. I should say I didn't necessarily pack all of these things... I learned some much needed lessons when I was there so I wanted to make sure you were all prepared should you take a trip!

Disney Packing Gif

1. Pyjamas

Disney ones of course. I often have Disney Pjs from Primark and this night shirt is from there too.

2. Base layers

Again, what better excuse do you need to wear Disney Tshirts every day of the week? Again, Primark do a wide variety, but I also purchased this Minnie Mouse White Tee from Boohoo this year.

Boohoo Minnie Mouse Tee

3. Bottom layers

This is where things get interesting. I generally wore a pair of jeans for both days. But, it was so cold that I would really suggest taking something to go on underneath these jeans. On the second day I wore my leggings underneath my jeans and I was so much happier and warmer. You could really tell the French from the English in this way. The French were much more prepare with the cold, they had their skiing salopettes on, if you have them, they could be a good option. I think it is easy to forget how much standing around you do when you are waiting for rides etc.

4. Jumpers

Self explanatory, jumpers are very much needed. Obviously, I wore my garish Disney one (again from Primark) as I knew my T-shirts were going to be covered with my numerous layers! But, I also took my incredibly soft Pull & Bear jumper as I knew I would definitely be cosy in this!

5. Coat

Honestly, the biggest, cosiest coat that you have. I recently purchased this one from ASOS but it is from a brand called Pimkie. I think it is currently out of stock, but I am sure there are similar available.

Pimkie Coat

6. Cosy Accessories

Hat, scarf, gloves, cosy socks. Honestly, anything that you can put on your body to add a layer and add some warmth is exactly what you will need! (I think by now I am getting my point across).

7. Boots

Okay, so this is where I made a major mistake. I focused very much on the comfort of my shoes, as I knew I was going to be on my feet for many hours at a time, doing a lot of walking and a lot of standing. This wasn’t such a mistake and I would suggest you know that your shoes are definitely comfortable before taking them on a trip like this. The mistake I made was choosing my Converse. Whilst they may have been comfortable, they were not very warm. I would suggest some warm boots would be best. Again, we did see many people in snow boots and this could be a good shout. Alternatively, just some warm but comfortable boots from your normal wardrobe.

8. Minnie Mouse Ears

You can buy these in Disney and this is actually what we did, they were only about €14 which considering the cost of the ones I saw before going didn’t seem to bad. You can easily wear them over your wooly hat too!

I hope this helps you pack for a winter trip to Disney, or in fact for any winter city break. Stay tuned to see what we got up to during our trip to Disney.

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