Product Review: Tanya Burr Selfie Story Mascara

This is a new feature for Utterly Katie, but having used so many great products recently across a variety of industries from beauty to technology and homeware, that I thought I would make the most of it and share some thoughts about them so that you can go and get them.

I am starting with a product that a few people are talking about in a brand new collection, Tanya Burr’s Selfie Story collection, but more specifically the mascara. I was lucky enough to receive one as part of the competition that she ran on Instagram. Before this, I was not particularly bothered about purchasing it.

I have to say this product had some strong competition, being a long-term lover of Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara and rarely venture away from it, usually because I am disappointed, so to be honest I was dubious to try this new one for fear I wouldn’t like it.

I was wrong, although on the first try I was dubious. I fully enjoy using the Selfie Lashes and wanted to share exactly what I love about it.


one thing that I really enjoy about it, is that you can achieve many different looks with just one product. What I mean by this is it is super buildable. You can apply just one coat for a very natural, no makeup makeup look, of you can equally build more coats on top of it for a more dramatic eye look. Whatever you are trying to achieve, this mascara will allow you to have beautiful lashes.


I was pleasantly surprised by how long this product lasted. Considering the price, I did not have high hopes for the durability of the mascara, but I was happy to see that it easily lasted all day. In addition, during nights out it also lasted, no matter how hot I was or what I did. This is even though the mascara is not waterproof.


The colour is a perfectly dark black, which makes it even easier to apply.

Applying the product

The brush really allows to make it easy to apply to all your lashes. The brush although straight, has bristles of different lengths, making it easy to reach even the tiny lashes that you may not usually reach.

Value for money

With an RRP of £7.99 I would say that this is good value for money. As you can see I have really enjoyed using it and would definitely consider using it in the future. It is a worthy rival to my holy grail mascara and I have enjoyed using it enough that I went and purchased the eyeliner in the range. I am hoping to also purchase the eyebrow pencil, I have seen people using it and achieving very natural eyebrows.

Have you tried using the Selfie Story range? What did you think?

Katie .xxx



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