Registering to vote

This is an unusual one for me, but I really hope you don’t mind. I am keen to urge you all to at least register to vote, for the general election.

I am not going to tell you in which way to vote, of course, as this is something you need to decide and will probably be unique to your situation anyway.

I also understand, then when so much is being spoken about in the media, regarding the general election and what is happening as well as the policies each party want to bring in, should they get into power.

From experience, with so much hype at different times and focus on each area, it can be confusing. But, with a little time input from yourself, you can focus on what matters to you and therefore make a decision that you think is right.

With that in mind, I truly believe the best thing you can do is register to vote, so that you have the opportunity to have an input in what will happen. You may think your vote won’t make a difference, but when you consider how many people have that belief, you begin to see how much of a difference your vote may make.

In order to be able to vote, you have to do so by May 22nd, here.

Please just register and then put the time in, to get an unbiased view of the parties. I have recently discovered,, who I believe are impartial and do not try to sway you in any particular way. What I like about it, is there is. quiz, in which there is a series of questions, asking for your opinion on different areas. From here, it tells you with what percentage of a parties manifesto and beliefs you seem to agree with, as well as other points about your political views. This allows you to have a starting point for your research, to discover the party manifestos.

It definitely helped me, even if it only solidified, what I had already thought would be the case.

Please keep it in mind. At the moment, a large percentage of the voting population is older, so with some younger voters, those that will work and live in a country defined by these choices, a different decision may be made. You cannot complain about the decisions made, if you didn’t vote yourself. The closing date as I said is May 22nd, which is Monday and your vote really counts.

Katie .xx

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