Scrolling less in September

You may have seen that this month, the RSPH have been encouraging people to attempt Scroll Free September. I first saw this just before the start of the month and it really got me thinking. As someone who works in the world of social media and who is genuinely interested in it; at first I wasn’t convinced by the campaign, there was no way I was going to avoid social media for a whole month – it is physically impossible given my job.

However, I then learned more about the campaign and the benefits of scrolling less. Rather than encouraging people to just quit social media completely, it was about using it more mindfully. Mindfulness is something I have been thinking a lot more about; from social media, to life in general and I didn’t see any harm in giving it a try.

I am the first person to complain about how busy I am and that I never have time to do the things I love (seriously, I haven’t baked in weeks and I have a TV “to watch” list as long as my arm). But, in reality how long do I spend aimlessly scrolling. I don’t mean actually taking in people’s content, that shouldn’t be a bad thing. I mean mindless scrolling to the point where you shut the app and then two seconds later reopen it. Of course, the social media companies aren’t going to stop us from doing this, they want our time, so we have to self-regulate.

This month, I have been trying to keep it in mind, scrolling through to see the latest content and then putting my phone down to do other things in my life. It is amazing, that such a small change seems to have quite a big difference, the evenings feel longer and I have managed to relax a little more. Turning my brain off a bit earlier than before. I am not saying it is the answer to all my problems. I still have an ongoing to do list as long as my arm (hello, where have I been for the last few months!?), but, I am saying that each little bit less time that I spend scrolling the more time I gain back and the more I live for the moment.

Give it a go and let me know what you think!

Katie .xx

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