Sometimes it is best to follow your heart

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As part of my university course this year, I have been focusing on different leaders.  This includes what it is that makes them so great at what they do. This is how I came across the following Ted Talk. I love Ted Talks purely for the fact that I always find inspiration from people who talk so passionately about a subject, failing that I always learn something new.

But why?

I hadn’t really come across Angela Ahrendts before (I am apparently a shocking business student?!). But, watching her talk about the power of human energy really made me think about my current situation and how this applied to my life. I think that this can be applied to everyone, as the power of human energy can help someone achieve whatever they want. Perhaps energy can be linked with passion. Passion is often spoken about, especially when it is linked with successful people. Potentially, when you find what you are passionate about the energy you put into things instantly becomes positive; giving you more chance of success.

Perhaps, further than that, you may not realise how much effect the power of your energy can have on someone else. Who knows, your energy could go onto have a positive effect on someone else’s life. I was recently told of a story in which one person changed someone’s entire life, with the effect of one comment. That comment, to them, was a passing comment. But, yet that changed the person’s life. They never even knew it.

I hope you don’t mind…

This is not my usual type of blog post, but her talk really struck a cord with me and I figured that by sharing it, perhaps I could have that effect on even one other person. I guess we are always taught, from school to university and beyond, to think about what you are doing and to this is how you can achieve your goals. But, instead perhaps, sometimes we need to trust our intuition. Who know’s you may be the next person to make radical change, as Angela has at Burberry.

I hope you don’t mind me straying from my usual content. I would love to hear if someone speaking has ever struck such a cord with you, let me know in the comments, or on social.

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