Starting 2018 and my goals for the year

The start of the year is always a little strange for me. Whilst, everyone starts their new year new me mindset on January 1st, I have a January birthday at the start of the month. The 4th to be precise. Therefore, I always struggle to buy into the 1st January changes, as I am too busy extending the celebration period. On top of that January is kindly set as exam period at university. For all of these reasons, I thought that I would not set any goals for this year. Resolutions usually mean focusing on the negatives and that you inevitably feel bad when you realise they are unachievable. Instead, I realised I had subconsciously made some changes towards the end of 2017. They were having a positive impact on my life, meaning that really I had already established some goals for the year. I thought it was important I made a note of my goals to look back  later in the year and see what I had achieved.

2018 goals

Stepping it up at the gym

2017 was definitely the year that I noticed how much of a difference exercising made to me, both physically and mentally. That is why I decided that in the new year I would definitely make sure it was a solid part of my routine for the year. I have looked at ways to make it easier, once it becomes part of your routine it is so much easier to make yourself exercise. I will write a blog post on the few things that I have implemented to make it easier, but I don’t want to preach what I can’t practise and so this is going to come soon.

Reading more

I used to read absolutely all of the time, however, multiple years of having to read in order to study such as for my GCSE’s and A Level English, meant that it really took the enjoyment out of reading. However, this year, rather than watching a YouTube video before bed I am trying to take the time to read a book. I have a little list of books that I already want to read and have started well. Providing I manage to keep this up, I plan to write reviews of the books I read. Hopefully, I will read 10 books this year, but, I won’t lose sleep if I fail this.

Taking and looking for opportunities

I don’t always know what I want. But, when I do I want to make sure I work for it. I am going to use this as a lesson to find and take on all opportunities that come my way. Having already done this to some extent and it has come with a little bit of new work, which is great. I am gaining more and more experience ahead of graduating in the summer.

Stepping outside of my comfort zone

I have been looking to do this for a while, in many areas of my life. I have been trying to push myself professionally and in the social arena for a while. However, I am trying to extend this to other areas of my life, such as the clothes I wear.

Often I scroll through Instagram and see outfits that I think look great and potentially could look great on me too. But, there is always something stopping me. The confidence to step outside of my comfort zone to try these new looks. This is why I started with an ASOS order in the sale, buying some stunning thigh high boots. It may seem silly to some but, for me it was quite a big step and now I just need to have the confidence to wear them more often rather than worrying that some people may not think I look great in them.

Becoming more confident in being me

Linked to the above, who cares what people think. If I like something I am going to do it, wear it or think it because that is really all that matters. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, if it makes me happy I am going to do it. It is also good to take some time to look after myself as well as working hard in between. Life is about balance and 2018 is really about focusing this.

I suppose I am basically suggesting that goals do not have to start on a specific date and if you really think about it you have probably been working towards a few things anyway. Whether or not you had thought about it. Sometimes it is just good to make a note of them, so you can reward yourself in the future.

Do you have any goals for 2018?

Katie .xx

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