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Now, I realise the title of this post seems entirely negative and as though I am completely again social media. This is far from the case. I love social media, there are so many positives to come out of it and I do work with it on a daily basis after all. But, equally, I have recently noticed the number of negatives that come from a population that have become social media orientated.

Stereotypical, it would be people my age and younger, given that label. The ones obsessed with social media. The ones who grew up with it. However, I think it is an obsession that is actually mutual across many age groups. With the rise in mobile technology, it becomes more easily accessible to all generations.

As I said at the beginning this obviously has its perks. Think about how easy it is to get in contact with anyone, across the globe, at any time. We are more connected with each other than we have been and so easy to access.

This can actually become a negative though. If you are easy to access and can be connected with someone at any time, surely we need to allow ourselves to switch off. The fact that people have written blog posts about being away from social media for 24 hours, or trying to stay off a certain platform for a week, shows just how intertwined into normal life social media has become. I am completely guilty of this. Its sometimes the case, when I am out and about enjoying myself that I will consider, how I can present what I am doing to my social audience. But, I am pretty sure I am not the only one. Whilst, it is great to capture photos and use them as keepsakes; thinking about how they will appear online should not be the main focus of your spare time. But, why have we become a population who considers how we appear on social media? Is it to do with the competitive nature of the human brain? To show how great our lives are in comparison to our friends. This isn’t new, humans have been doing this for centuries.

The problem with this continuing online is that really, our profiles and projections of ourselves online are really only what they want them to be. Therefore they are the same for your friends and family. This can have such a negative effect on someone. They view their friends and families profiles and see how great their lives are; when in reality it is simply a snapshot of their life, which they have chosen to share.

I am not saying this is really the negative here. If you use social media as a way of documenting all your favourite memories, then of course, you are not going to share the bad parts of your life. Or even the mundane, normal parts of your life, because quite frankly, everyone does that stuff and its completely normal. It doesn’t need a post or an image for you to remember that you did it. So really the problem here is that we all forget this fact. We forget it is only a small portion of someones life that we are seeing on their online profiles and think this a portrayal of someones entire life, which quite frankly is unattainable.

This brings me on to my last problem with social media. The fact that it creates goals. Now, don’t get me wrong, goals are in no way a negative thing. Everyone should have goals in their life to motivate them to achieve and better themselves. But, is it possible to have too many goals and are the goals we are setting ourselves even achievable?

There are goals for everything: body goals, friends goals, relationships goals, travel goals, work goals… The list goes on and on. But, is it actually healthy to have so many goals? I suppose this depends on the type of person you are. If you put so much pressure on yourself to achieve these goals then perhaps you are forgetting to enjoy the life you have. If you are reading this right now, then it is likely you have an okay life. With access to a majority of the things you need to survive. With so many goals, its possible that we are always aiming at the next thing that we can achieve. But, sometimes it would be good to stop and recognise what we have already achieved and to enjoy what you worked hard to achieve.

I am not staying stop improving and stop setting yourself targets. Just be sure to enjoy what you have in the moment, rather than looking to what is coming next. This is something I am really going to try, because, it is definitely something I am guilty of.

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