Blogmas Day 5: The Vlogmas’ I will be watching

Wow! How is it already day 5? This month is 100% going to fly by and I am not eve a little bit ready. In recent years, Vlogmas has been a big part of my Christmas. I love to see how people are preparing for the festivities and what kind of traditions they have. As I have said so many time this Blogmas, anything festive and I am there. I thought I would share the top 5 blogmas’ that I like to watch, some of which I just watch throughout the entire year.

Zoella Vlogmas


Surely, we can consider Zoe the Queen of Christmas. I think she is about the most festive person ready for Christmas come the end of Halloween. You can be sure to see her preparing for Christmas in style. I am so enjoying seeing what she is going to do to that beautiful new house of hers to get it ready for the big day.

Naomi Smart

Slightly more understated in her love for Christmas. Naomi seems to surround herself with family and friends this time of year (don’t we all?!). I love to see what she gets up to, especially with her little sister. I love seeing the contrast between her life in her flat in London and going home to enjoy Christmas with her family in Brighton.

Tanya Burr

With the fresh release of her book, Tanya’s Christmas it is hardly a surprise that Tanya Burr is doing vlogmas again this year. For someone who seems to be joyful throughout the whole of the year, it is hardly a surprise that Tanya seems even happier at Christmas time. It is great to get inspiration from the party she has each year with husband Jim Chapman and all their friends.

Lydia Elise Millen

A newer watch for me, Lydia seems to enjoy a more designer lifestyle then some of those I have previously mentioned and therefore I am intrigued to see her vlogmas. No doubt she will attend some beautiful events with Carrie and wear some truly stunning outfits.

Hello October

Probably the newest channel of them all to me. I would say Suzie seems the most ‘normal’ of the vloggers I have mentioned as I can relate to her the most. I am excited to see how she spends Christmas at home with her two dogs and what stunning pieces she picks up from the likes of Topshop and Zara.


There are a bunch of YouTubers that I love to watch on a regular basis, who are not actually doing vlogmas, but who vlog daily anyway. I have realised writing this, that many of those mentioned already have high subscriber numbers. Therefore, if you have any recommendations for up and coming, smaller channels then please let me know!

Katie .xx


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