My Top 5 Blog Posts This Week | 18th February 2018

This week is a new feature for me. I have seen many more people sharing the love for one another online in recents weeks and I think it is great. Having always been an advocate of, “one person’s success doesn’t mean another’s failure,” so sharing the love for other bloggers and Instagrammers only seems right. I have seen lots of people doing “follow Friday” over on Instagram. I love spending my evenings scrolling through Bloglovin’ so it only seems right to share some of my favourite posts from the week!

  1. Glow Boosting Skincare | Jasmine Talks Beauty

For me, the start of the year has been all about my skincare routine. Finding the perfect routine has really improve the condition of my skin and made applying makeup so much more enjoyable. However, I do find skincare a little bit of a minefield and it is great to read about other people’s experiences of specific products. I find this to be even more true when I am taking the plunge on a more expensive product, a second opinion is always best. Finding the perfect skincare to boost the glow in your skin is great for this time of year. Whilst this post may be sponsored, it is still a great one!

2. The Beauty Tips That I Swear By | A Girl Obsessed 

Sticking with the beauty theme it is great to see what tips and tricks actually work for other people. Sure, we hear about the things that are supposed to work, but how do we know they really do? Mandy shares her true thoughts here, plus her blog is beautiful.

3. A Bath Food Diary | The Brightoner

If it was not already clear from reading my blog for a little while, there are two things that I love most in the world. Travelling and eating. Georgia covers this in her blog post about eating her way around Bath. I can totally relate as one of the first things I do when planning a trip is see where is good to eat and drink. If you are considering a trip to Bath anytime soon then 100% check this post out. Although, her blog also features some great recommendations for Brighton too (obviously!).


4. What We Learnt Buying Our First House | What Olivia Did

Buying a house seems like a very confusing part of growing up. Many people aspire to owning their own home, yet the talk of mortgages and deposits all seems very grown up and confusing. I for sure am looking for all the advice and help I can get in this area – and I am in no way ready to buy my own place. I found that Liv’s post really explained what was worth spending money and what you could potentially avoid. Plus, she is generally smashing it right now, her blog is stunning. Definitely check her out.

5. Cure Your Procrastination With This One Mental Shift | Camille Styles

Ah, the art of procrastination. It is something many of us are great at, yet wish we weren’t. I know for a fact that as a student I often question why I can’t just be productive and get that one mundane task done so that I can properly relax. This post offers a solution to your procrastination woes. It recommends a shift in your mental attitude and it is something I will definitely be trying. Who knows, it may mean I actually tick off my to-do list and have a relaxing evening every once in a while; instead of worrying about the one thing I STILL haven’t done.

There we have it, my top 5 blog posts for the week. Do you have any blogger recommendations based on this post? I would love to hear all about your favourite blog posts!

Katie .xx

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