What makes me happy


This week started with International Happiness Day and I was very pleased to see such a day existed. It is always good to draw attention to happiness and it made me sit and think about the little things which make me happy. There are obviously bigger things such as my family and friends, but when it comes to the little things, what would I think of?

  1. A sunny, fresh, spring morning
  2. Newly made bed sheets
  3. Newly washed bathroom towels
  4. Completing a task you’ve worked to hard to acheive
  5. Elephants
  6. Baking late at night with my friends or family (baking in general)
  7. Taking a beautiful photograph
  8. Snapchat filters
  9. Cosy nights in
  10. The colour duck egg blue and the colour light pink
  11. Watching a film, under a blanket, when its raining outside
  12. Trying new experiences and loving them
  13. New underwear
  14. Looking back on memories through my photos
  15. Stepping off an aeroplane in a new place
  16. Sunglasses
  17. Writing with a new pen for the first time
  18. New stationary
  19. The smell of a candle being blown out
  20. Leaving work on a Friday when you have a fun weekend planned


Does your list look similar to mine? Or do you have something extra to add?

Katie .xx

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